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Artificial Intelligence, a lever for the digitization of accounting firms In a search to increase the efficiency of the missions to be carrid out, AI is obviously one of the technologies to be usd and masterd. For example, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) will make it possible to extract data from digitizd accounting documents such as invoices to automatically integrate them into balance sheets and other income statements. In addition, the detection of fraud and errors on these same digitizd documents is possible.

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The accountant can also produce, quickly, in real time. Forecast results and thus anticipate possible costs relatd to the internal and external environment of the company. Finally, the accountant can carry out the analysis of a sector of activity in High School Coaches Email List order to alert his clients to possible variations in the market thanks to the processing of data, which will be made anonymous, from his database. Distrust of IT tools by traditional accounting firms However, all of these technological intelligences face mistrust from traditional accounting firms. Although they use tools such as “clouds” to share documents with their customers, many are still resistant to the use of artificial intelligence.

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Inded, they lack training and skills on this subject , which causes some hesitation and a lack of confidence in AI . The profession of charterd BQB Directory accountant is therefore. Tending to become more of a strategic advisor by digitizing. The entire process of processing accounting. Data for companies. This transformation modernizes the profession and puts an end to the of the bespectacld accountant constantly typing on his calculator. From now on, the charterd accountant is really an expert consultant in business management.

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