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Senior tech SEO strategist at Oncrawl, an online log analysis solution; Guillaume Guersan, SEO consultant at SE Ranking, an SEO website analysis platform; Romain Bellet, president and co-founder of Yooda, a company to which we owe the Yooda Insight and Yooda One tools ddicatd to digital marketing professionals; VĂ©ronique Duong, president and co-founder of Rankwell, an agency specializing in SEO, SEA and Social Ads. The complete list of SEO Square 2023 speakers is available online, along with the conferences they are hosting.

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These few names already give an overview of the techniques that will be presentd. These two days of online webinars are therefore an opportunity to benefit from their expertise and acquire valuable knowldge in SEO and content Jewelry Stores Email List marketing. In addition, the event being free, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!SEO (or natural referencing in French) is constantly evolving and the algorithms of Google, Bing and Yahoo are increasingly sophisticatd. It is therefore essential to know the latest changes and trends to ensure the good positioning of a site in the SERPs (results page of a search engine). Among the essential innovations in SEO is the arrival of artificial intelligence.

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Which allows the development of ever more innovative and efficient AI tools , including ChatGTP. As we told you in a previous article , the latter can be a help when writing SEO optimizd content. Here are 30 ways to use ChatGPT to BQB Directory implement an SEO strategy. 1) A catchy title ChatGPT can be usd to generate eye-catching and search engine optimizd titles. Titles are important because they are the first thing people see when searching online (at the top of the fold line, after the body By providing some keywords to ChatGPT, this tool can help you write creative and relevant titles , which will grab the attention of web users and thus help improve the ranking of a site’s pages.

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