The laMquefalta movement to make metastatic breast cancer visible

The laMquefalta Solidarity is very important today and even more so with the situations that are happening in the world. Breast cancer is, unfortunately, a disease that affects thousands of women around the world. That is why the Spanish Metastatic Breast Cancer Association ( ACMM ) and the Daiichi Sankyo/AstraZeneca Alliance have created the #laMaquefalta movement . The objective of this movement is visible and achieve collaborations with companies, institutions and individuals. This October will be World Metastatic Breast Cancer Day (13) and World Breast Cancer Day (19).

Visibility of metastasis in Breast Cancer

Can you read this text correctly? Part category email list of the awareness campaign is to achieve the empathy of the Spanish people and that is why they have created this strange paragraph. It is estimated that one in four women with breast cancer ends up developing metastases, that is, the tumor spreads to other organs, such as the liver or lungs. This makes his prognosis more serious. In fact, while the five-year relative survival rate in the initial stages of _a_a cancer is 99%, in its _etastatic variant, it is 28%.

To make metastatic breast cancer visible

These are data that are little known by the BQB Directory population, despite the large number of awareness campaigns about cancer, usually focused on its prevention and early diagnosis. It is normal that you could not read it correctly. It is the objective of the campaign, to verify that if we eliminate the “emes” from the texts , the concept of breast cancer becomes difficult to understand . This is a fact that occurs if we do not talk about the metastasis of breast cancer.

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