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Add a sitemap for your video content Another parameter on which Google relies for the referencing of a video is the sitemap with its tags. First of all, a video sitemap is a file that contains additional information about these videos. Otherwise, it promotes the consideration of all content newly addd to the site. It also ensures the integration of information likely not to be considerd by the usual exploration robot. To optimize your content, consider adding a video sitemap to your pages.

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Thus, Google will rely on it to better understand what your video is about and at the same time, position it well in the search results. Free access to audio and video files Danielle Marshak’s fifth SEO recommendation is to make Cell Phone Database the audio and video content of your pages accessible. By doing so, you give Google the opportunity to properly interpret what you post. In the same way, you gain additional features such as video previews and key moments during navigation. The first consists in broadcasting a part of a few seconds of your video in thumbnail format.

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On the other hand, the latter offer great visibility to your videos on the Web. By considering these 5 tips given by Google , you can take BQB Directory advantage of your videos to boost your SEO . However, you must first ensure that the videos are relevant to the theme of your site. You should also think about putting videos at the center of your webpage. They must be highlightd to promote good interaction with Internet users. A last essential point that you must also take into account concerns your textual contents . You must put particular emphasis on the natural referencing of these so that they are well positiond.The Facebook platform brings new innovations in its operation.

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