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His goal is to overthrow Google and now occupy the first place in the consumer technology market. Google is also getting into the AI ​​integration race Given the success of artificial intelligence, Google feels increasingly threatend. For this, the company also announcd on Monday February 6, 2023 the launch of its own AI . She namd it Bard (LaMDA language) and intends to integrate it into her Google search engine. As a reminder, Google had already launchd its own artificial intelligence on the market. Namd LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), this conversational chatbot could compete with ChatGPT.

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The only downside is that it does not meet all the conditions to bring this competition to fruition. According to the New York Times , this Hotels And Motels Email List Google chatbot lags behind OpenAI’s self-reporting measures when identifying hateful, toxic, sexual or even violent content. Reactions from Baidu’s competitors Aware of the challenge posd by the integration of chatGPT, the American giant had to resort to an urgent reaction from its founders. Sundar Pichai , CEO of Google has declard a “rd alert” and intends to relaunch the implementation of a new chatbot.

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Thus, according to the American daily NewYork Times, the company hopes to launch its own solution by the end of the year. After its creation, Google intends to test it first in a light version that requires less computing power . Only after BQB Directory passing this test will he consider rolling it out to more users. In view of these different pieces of information, Baidu officials have no time to lose if they want to launch their own ChatGPT at the appropriate time. The American giant Google is slightly behind in forecasts compard to the Chinese brand, which is not the case for Microsoft.

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