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Sparrow Google’s answer to ChatGPT ChatGPT artificial intelligence has the potential to compete with Google, as it is able to provide data similar to what Google offers to users. The results generatd by the artificial intelligence are well organizd and correspond to the queries of the users. In response to this innovation, Google plans to launch its own artificial intelligence, calld Sparrow. ( see Deepmind article of September 22, 2022 – Building safer dialogue agents ) AI: Google wants to reassure at all costs Sparrow is an artificial intelligence set up by DeepMind.

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This represents the first response from the Google search engine to ChatGPT. This is a technology that is primarily known for creating the Restaurant Email List AlphaGo game program. Sparrow’s goal is to produce computer code. The first results on this artificial intelligence were announcd last September. DeepMind’s Chinchilla language model serves as the basis for Sparrow, and this artificial intelligence has fewer parameters than other AIs developd by OpenAI.

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With this language model, Google’s AI may one day surpass ChatGPT’s. Sparrow private beta available in 2023 Demis Hassabis, co-founder BQB Directory and CEO of DeepMind, said in an interview that the AI ​​Sparrow will be deployd sometime in 2023. However, considering the evolution of ChatGPT, it can be said that the decision is a bit late. It will be very difficult for Sparrow to surpass ChatGPT. However, senior officials at DeepMind are considering other possibilities before deploying their AI. They reflect on the possibility of waiting to better analyze the risks of artificial intelligence.

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