A blogger’s worst nightmare has visited me

What to do if your website is hacked? How do you know if your website was attacked? Imagine that one day you wake up and see that a blogger’s worst nightmare has just visited you. What are you doing? Today I tell you the sad story of this nightmare, how I detected this problem and what I have done to try to fix it as quickly as possible… I hope it helps you avoid being next on the list. Hello guys, as I promised you last week where I mentioned in my post that the website had been attacked by some “Chinese”, here I will briefly tell you (so as not to be a heavy post) how everything happened and the steps.

I have taken to 

We are all more or less clear that one day our website could be the victim of an attack or “hacked” and that if one day that happens, when we enter our blog or executive email list search console we will have a warning about it. But what if you are hacked and you don’t have that message? How do you identify it so you can act as quickly as possible? According to what I have learned, there are 5 basic rules for a. WordPress installation to be completely disinfected and shielded. Against the malware that has previously infected it: 1) All plugins that have. Not had updates for more than 12 months or that have a known and documented vulnerability in one of the vulnerability databases for WordPress and that have not been corrected should be eliminated.

A blogger's theme must

Be updated to the latest available version , if there is no. Updated version in the last 12 months, we must change the theme for. Another more updated and more BQB Directory secure one, even if we have updates made to the theme code. 3) We must analyze the WordPress files with different scanning systems. On the one hand plugins such as Anti-malware Security and Brute-Force. Firewall or WordFence Security will help you detect. If any file in your WordPress installation is infected, on the other hand. With server antivirus like ClamAV or Maldet you can detect generic malware during the installation. 4) All plugins and the theme must be installed from a known and trusted source . 

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