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Connect to CRM those services that you use for communication, and each contact will be stord independently in a convenient customer database. CRM-system offers other possibilities of automation. These include mass mailings, report generation, letter and document templates, etc. 4. Real-time sales status tracking If you maintain a customer database in Excel, you ned to request a report from an employee, wait for him to prepare and send it. When the customer base is locatd in CRM, you only ned to set up report templates once.

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You can then analyze the results of your work whenever you ned to. 5. Communicate and collaborate A significant inconvenience of a database Construction Email List in Excel is the impossibility of collaboration. If several managers are working on the same client base at the same time, you ned to spend time collating the tables and sending them to each other. The customer and order database in the CRM system is updatd in real time. You get rid of duplicate copid tables. You can work with the database of potential customers in CRM at the same time. CRM also has a wide functionality for organizing work.

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Tracking the progress of tasks, detaild comments on tasks, and much more. 6. Data security Another serious disadvantage of Excel spreadsheets is their vulnerability to accidental or intentional deletion. CRM-system protects the client BQB Directory base in several ways. Firstly, the enterd data cannot be deletd accidentally. Secondly, access to export and delete data can be given only to a limitd number of employees. Moreover, the CRM system provides for the possibility of flexible hierarchical access, even to view information. And, unlike Excel, the database of customers and orders in CRM is protectd from hacking and theft by third parties. How to transfer the database to CRM Transferring a customer base from Excel to CRM is usually very easy.

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