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This deactivation was certainly put in place to allow the various deindexation teams to be more responsive. We can assume that its primary objective was to promote faster detection of deindexations that occurrd before October 14, 2020. Especially since in principle, this functionality was only to be temporarily stoppd. But it lastd more than 2 months. The consequences of deactivation on the SEO community The indexing request is frequently usd and appreciatd by webmasters.

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It is for this reason that disabling this feature in Search Console has been seen as a major hurdle for many professionals. Inded, SEO specialists and site owners have been strongly impactd by this decision by Google. Remember that this Bulk SMS Nepal tool is usd by the latter to accelerate the exploration and indexing of the most important URLs of the sites. And it is particularly useful when indexing new URLs. Likewise, this deactivation had a real impact on old URLs with updatd content. However, note that only the emergency indexing tool in Search Console has been disabld. It was therefore still possible to access the normal and classic craw via Googlebot.

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Google announces the return of this feature in the Search Console After more than two months of shutdown, Google’s Webmaster BQB Directory Tools development teams announcd via Twitter in December 2020 that the URL submission tool in Search Console was back in action. Thus, SEO experts can start submitting URLs again thanks to Google’s Search Console indexing tool. When announcing this return, the web giant took the opportunity to communicate two important information to users. In other words, Google wantd to send a message to Webmasters regarding the proper use of this feature.

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