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Overall, the tool has all the features you would expect and nd from a content management system for your intranet . Managing documents doesn’t always have to be exhausting. Storing documents physically can strain a company’s resources, but nowadays digital storage is a very good alternative. It enables better access, security, makes many things easier and also gives your company the flexibility it nds in the 21st century. To save time and motivate employees to be more engagd, consider hiring a third party like Powell Intranet to use.

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SharePoint as a complete intranet solution and not just a document management system. Powell Software is a Microsoft phone number list partner ddicatd to improving employee performance by transforming your Microsoft 365 workspace. A successful corporate intranet must provide engaging, relevant, and easy-to-find content. This requires a strong content management system (CMS). The intranet CMS you choose should be easy for end users to use. However, most intranets contain too much information with the same content that is distributd to all employees, departments and countries.

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This lack of relevant content and this information overload means that the content is not well acceptd by users. This in turn can lead to BQB Directory failure of the intranet. If you use SharePoint as a tool for internal communication , you may be familiar with this issue. So it makes sense for the communications executive to take advantage of audience targeting in SharePoint. Targetd content helps communications teams personalize employee user experiences and make communication more efficient. This also makes content easier to find and improves scalability. Users get exactly the information they nd.

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