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The new email marketing revolution, by robert w. Bly new email revolution book robert bly is a well-known direct response copywriter with a long and successful career. He knows a thing or two about what works, and this book delivers everything you ne to know to get start with your email marketing career. For people newer to the field, this could be a very helpful email marketing book. Youll learn some of the nuts and bolts relat to deliverability, basic metrics, and some legalities of sending emails. And youll learn how to write engaging, persuasive emails. Bly covers common questions like how long emails should be, and explains how to use other mia within your emails.

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The book also includes email templates. 7. 300 email marketing tips, by meera kothand 300 email marketing tips book once you have an email list, what do you do with it? While other books business database try to hit every topic relat to email marketing, this one from meera kothand focuses on building your list and then monetizing it. This is like an email marketing self-improvement book. The title pretty much says it all. Youre going to get into email calendars, autoresponders, welcome emails, and why your emails get open and click but dont generate any sales.

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Youll get tips on how to create a compelling lead magnet and turn traffic into subscribers. Its a quick read and includes so many nuggets that youll be able to start using some of them immiately. 8. Natural orders, by matt treacey natural orders book cover matts small BQB Directory business email marketing book focuses on improving your email automation. It dives into attracting new subscribers, delivering value to keep them around, segmenting and personalizing your communications with them, and increasing lifetime customer value. One of the biggest challenges with email marketing is having to write the emails.

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