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The objective being that the advertising campaigns are better controlld, managd in an optimal way and by following the appropriate practices. Automatic data management is full of advantages. Inded, it allows to have better performance on campaigns that have not been well configurd. Since conversion tunnels and the user journey are sometimes complex, artificial intelligence can achieve incrdibly powerful targeting. However, it must be understood that automation and artificial intelligence only work on the data that is accessible to them.

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Thus, for a good exploitation of the data, it is essential that the structure of an account corresponds to the practices of Google. It is also recommendd to automate only the most relevant elements. This makes it possible to ensure the distribution Bulk SMS Oman of campaigns according to stocks, fluctuations in demand, the weather, etc. Discovery campaigns: opportunities for growth The Google platforms on which Google Discovery ads appear are multiple. You can find them on YouTube in particular, and especially on Gmail for promotions. With relevant and rich content, users can see them during their purchase journeys.

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Using Discovery campaigns is an effective way to reach new customers. Even better, it provides the ability to target a higher performing audience. A new advertising experience awaits! Shopping Showcase: the ability to target new queries BQB Directory Google Ads users view Google Shopping as an engine for capturing demand. However, its function goes far beyond that. In fact, you can also target top-of-the-funnel queries to launch your Google Shopping Showcase campaigns. If growing your accounts is your priority, using these campaigns will help you achieve your goals. However, if you are already using Showcase, we advise you to consider reevaluating your campaigns in 2021.

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