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Focus on changing bids through optimizing your Showcase campaigns. Inded, to achieve your growth objectives, the latter require more attention. You must then highlight your promotions, change the ads according to the seasons and be attentive to search trends. New Requirements and Maximizing Google Merchant Center Product Feds To exploit your product feds, this year Google offers you new possibilities for managing your Display and Google Shopping campaigns. Thus, in addition to the many product images that may appear in your ads, you will gain.

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Conversion  consumers will find the objects of their research more easily and transparently. Branding and traffic : your ads will benefit from more space on display. In turn, the number of clicks will increase as well as your visibility. It is also Bulk SMS Lebanon recommendd to use delayd deep links to gain efficiency since they allow consumers to see the product by clicking on the ad. Even better, they can install the application which immdiately opens on the requestd product. A feature that increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Similarly, advertisers will soon be able to leverage deep linking for YouTube, Gmail and Discovery ad formats. Good news then, because formats containing deep links generate twice as many conversions.

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In addition, regarding Google Merchant Center product feds, Google is announcing new requirements, which come at a stage where product feds are of great interest to brands. They form the basis for Google Shopping ads that use product BQB Directory feds on the Display Network. From now on, Google requires the introduction of new fields within the feds for example. Fields that allow the platform to accurately match search terms to advertisers’ products. The Max performance campaign This campaign will soon be the most effective way to buy Google ads.

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