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Secondly, basd on this classification, you can build a strategy for working with different customer segments. Then, analyzing behavior at all stages of the sales funnel makes it possible to more effectively distribute the efforts of the sales department. This way, high-quality leads are more likely to convert, and low-quality leads can be left out. Thirdly, CRM marketing significantly increases customer retention. This happens, among other things, by increasing loyalty (since communication is much more personalizd), can be fully automatic or in one click.

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Which is especially important for recruiters who work with a large flow of resumes Automatic series of letters to candidates – for example, when General Merchandise Stores Email List an applicant moves to the next stage of selection. Automatic transition of the candidate to the next stage is possible if the system is given the necessary condition. So, the status of a candidate can change if he answers a letter or vice versa, does not get in touch for a long time. Automatic assignment of tasks . When using the same type of repetitive tasks (calling a candidate when answering a letter, viewing a resume when receiving it, and so on), CRM can independently assign these tasks.

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Automation of the collection of applications from the site . NetHunt CRM integrates with web forms and offers its own web form builder. This allows you to collect applications from applicants from the site in automatic mode. Upon receipt BQB Directory of an application. A candidate card will be creatd in CRM with all the information specifid in the application. Notifications about key events. There is an important vacancy and management wants to be aware of its closure? NetHunt provides automatic notifications that will be sent to the right users when a certain condition is met (for example, updating the status of a candidate.

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