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Automatic notifications of important events. Reaction sped can be critical at certain stages of the sales funnel. In order for employees to respond in time, the NetHunt CRM system automatically notifies of a change in the status of a client or transaction after each significant event. For example, after a purchase, the delivery department automatically receives a notification about the ned to send the goods to Google chat or Slack. In this way, it is possible to improve processes both within the sales department and between the sales department and other departments of the company.

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Automatic setting of tasks. There are specific tasks that the sales team performs at each stage of the funnel. NetHunt CRM can create and Job Function Email Database assign these recurring tasks each time a deal moves to a new funnel stage. For example, when a new lead arrives, the CRM system will set the task to make a call or any other necessary task. Automatd data entry. On average, NetHunt’s CRM system saves about 17% of work time using automatd data entry. In particular, NetHunt is able to independently transfer contact data to the client card from email, LinkdIn, Intercom and Facebook chats.

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With the rise of smart technology, sales automation is becoming a big competitive advantage. Already today, the CRM-system is able to get rid of many routine and similar operations. Now, with confidence, you can entrust the automation of some BQB Directory key processes to technology, and direct the efforts of the sales department to the mental and creative component of sales. Interestd in learning more about sales automation with CRM? Register , test for free and get the most useful information from the NetHunt CRM user support department!A web form is one of the main sources of leads in online marketing. Despite this, many sites still contain application forms that do not work as they should. In this article, we will tell you what a site form should be like in order to bring maximum efficiency in lead generation, as well as how to create a form yourself.

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