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The main role is playd by the intellectual and social capital of companies. Now the main means of production are not production capacities, but the competencies of people. As Israeli President Shimon Peres notd at the 8th Yalta Annual Meeting, in the modern world the only reserve for global development is science, which can become a key driver for an effective search for answers to global challenges. The new era is the era in which knowldge has become the main productive force of the economy. Intellectual capital, being a strategic factor, becomes an integratd ability to innovate and make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

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Knowledge and intelligence are the driving force behind innovation, and innovation, in turn, are the main driver and source of competitive strength in the new economy. Power in the modern economy can only be considerd such knowldge, with the Outlook Email Lists help of which it is possible to produce values ​​for which the market is willing to pay. Rapid changes in the market environment lead to the irrelevance of previously acquird knowldge. A new external environment requires new knowldge, so the process of acquiring new knowldge, as previously said, professional development is continuous. Innovation and digitalization have made the economy very dynamic and crisis prone.

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The rapid volatility of the market environment creates uncertainty in the future and does not allow you to set high horizons for planning BQB Directory your activities. The main task of companies in today’s economic conditions is to find the right focus of innovation, and then skillfully use it to improve business performance. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the critical property of innovations is that they are always associatd with risk, since it is always the replacement of something establishd with something completely new. There is a risk of non-acceptance or simply misunderstanding of the essence of the innovation. Innovation is always risky, but without it it is impossible to achieve success in business today.

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