What are HubSpot playbooks

A HubSpot playbook, also known as a sales guide, is a tool that compiles important sales strategies, templates, tactics, and. Documents that are must-haves for sales teams. In short, let’s say that it is a manual that compiles everything necessary so. That professionals in this field can close sales in the best possible way.

Currently, a business approach that puts the customer at the center of the strategy (both their interests and their needs) is more likely to achieve successful results. And playbooks are a tool oriented towards that perspective.

What HubSpot packages are they available in?

As of this writing, HubSpot’s selling guides are only available in two subscriptions to the platform: the Professional and Enterprise versions of the Sales Hub and Service Hub packages .


Types of playbooks according to their use
In HubSpot you can create different playbooks and, depending on the moment in which the sales professional is in Denmark Phone Number Data relation to the client, we can find three types:

Prospect Presentation Playbook – Perfect for when sales teams are in the negotiation or proposal phase.

Prospecting playbook :

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in this case, the sales guide contains all the necessary information that must be available before making the call.

Playbook to define yourself against competitors : in this case, the sales guide specifies details such as the company’s star products or services, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. The objective, in this case, is for professionals to know the organization’s position in the market and to be able to develop a successful strategy for qualified prospects.


Essential information that cannot be missing in your playbook

Although, as we have seen, there are different types of playbooks, in general, there are four types of information that BQB Directory cannot be missing from these documents:

What the sales professional needs to know and know , such as what is the sales methodology. What is or are the buyer persona , details about the product or service to be sold, etc.



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