Offer a unique point of view or solution

If your content is exactly the same as everyone else’s, then there’s no incentive for the reader to read yours over the rest. They could simply click any post in the search results and be done with it. You want your content to stand out. To do that, you need to offer a unique opinion or solution—one that other pieces of content do not have. How do you do that? The best way is to write from personal experience. Everyone’s lived experience is different and, therefore, you’ll be able to provide a point of view that others do not have. For example, when I wrote about creating an SEO content strategy, I didn’t provide a generic template. Instead, I wrote about it from our company’s personal experience in creating and implementing one.

Evergreen content tips

Following the process above will get you 90% of the way there. But I want to share a few more tips that’ll help you create better evergreen content. Avoid angles with a short lifespan Some content marketers love referencing pop culture in their articles. For example, here’s an article about what industry email list content marketers can learn from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A blog post about what the Marvel Cinematic Universe can teach us about content marketing In this case, the topic is evergreen. But the content isn’t. The article is forgettable once the MCU hype dies, which it has: The decline in traffic for the MCU blog post If your goal is to create evergreen content, avoid trendy angles or references. Avoid using language with a short lifespan

Refresh your content periodically

Although the ideal end state is for your content to stay relevant continuously, sometimes things do change. New research, thinking, and BQB Directory processes may appear in your industry or for that topic. When that happens, you want to update your content. The good news is these updates can help boost your page’s search traffic. For example, the topic “free seo tools” is an evergreen topic. And generally speaking, free SEO tools don’t change much. However, no one expected large language models to progress so far, so fast. So we had to update our post on free SEO tools to include ChatGPT.

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