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Proced as soon as possible to their removal in order to maintain your website even more efficient. Tools to test the sped of your website Finally, several tools are available to you to test the loading sped of the pages of your site. Although there are others, the performance tool of Google PageSped ​​Insights as well as the one calld GTmetrix are the two reliable and above all effective that we recommend. They will allow you to thoroughly analyze the pages of your site to allow you to get rid of the balls that slow down the loading time of the pages.

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We had already anticipatd that UX will be an integral part of the key parameters for the ranking of pages on Google’s search results. So far Psychiatrist Email List it had been a useful element, but not essential. Today, the web giant intends to sanction all platforms that do not promote a smoother visit. L’UX: késako? UX is a generic term very often usd in the digital field to designate the user experience. The latter is none other than a literal translation of the English User eXperience, hence the initials usd UX. It is above all a question of thinking and entirely designing a site, in the most ergonomic way possible, with the sole aim of facilitating the visit of the Internet user who goes there.

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In other words, it boils down to the simple quality of the visitor’s experience on a platform. Conditions for a good user experience UX can BQB Directory be measurd against several variable criteria from one site to another. This will be for example: The fluidity of the information form. As our English-speaking friends say “ less is more ”. In other words, a little is enough. Avoid frills, endless instructions, and always go straight to the point.

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