Net revenue and net profit attribution for advanced performance marketers

Profit attribution for This is a very common pattern in most of europe and parts of asia. Your ecommerce platform (shopify, magento will likely tell you a different story than google analytics ecommerce. You are not alone with this challenge. We receive many questions on this topic and also worked on some solutions to this. Especially in performance marketing we often rely on google analytics e-commerce revenues. In particular when it comes to media optimisations.

To get to net margin attribution

We call this net revenue attribution. The second topic, question i want to go into here is what we call net profit attribution. To get to net margin attribution we deduct the cost of the product from the retail price. Having this metric available for channel Azerbaijan Mobile Number List campaign, keyword analysis is very useful. So how to get there? 1. Streaming all your data into one place let’s start with net revenue attribution standard channels with standard channels i mean: google ads facebook ads bing ads linkedin ads tiktok ads adroll ads criteo rtb house twitter ads appnexus google .


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Restrictions on using google sheets

Now for the remaining channels, which are not supported i recommend using a data sync via google sheets. Google sheets is part of the table above. In case you have too much data to fit into a google sheets file or have restrictions on using google BQB Directory sheets, i recommend using our api or zapier. Api analytics and media data should all be covered in the standard channels. Let’s focus on how you can push updates to store transactions into our platform. The api documentation can be found here. You need to have your user name and api key ready.

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