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Therefore, Are these some of the questions and expressions that you often hear in your environment, when you say that you are working? Today I bring you a very personal and human post. Where I tell you things that have happened to me (and continue to happen). In these two and a half years that I have been managing. My Personal Brand and I began to dedicate myself professionally to what I am passionate about, My Blog. I think you will identify Stop Lazing with many things and I hope they encourage. You to see that you are not alone on this path of “ get a job ” . Hello cracks, today I bring you a post about which I have been reflecting these days of rest where I was able to get away from the online world and stop to think about everything that surrounds this project.

I hope it motivates Stop Lazing

You to continue with your dream… I took advantage of these mini vacations to start reading a book Personal Branding for Dummies by Andres Pérez Ortega that I really company data wanted to read, but due to lack of time I couldn’t find the time in the end. The truth is that I’m really liking it and it makes me think about Therefore,  many things and my strategy. I recommend it 100%, you will see that you will find. Points that will be very useful if your Personal Brand strategy is not working as you want. And it is motivated a little by this book and by the messages or comments on the blog where many of you tell me how difficult it is sometimes to continue with your web project that I have decided to review these 2 and a half years and tell you about my experience.

When I ask in my classes

Therefore, What are the biggest difficulties for you in making your web project successful? The answers are usually: Get our project positioned on Google; Define a BQB Directory good Marketing strategy; Find something that we really like (differentiating element); Attract web traffic; Manage to create a quality community; Get engagement on our posts; etc These answers are correct and are necessary for the success of any project, but there is an answer that I almost never hear, and that for me is the fundamental one: Being consistent and ensuring that our profession is accepted and understood by our environment (family, friends, partner, etc.) .

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