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Maximize Conversions’ is a revolution that eliminates the uncertainty of PPC bidding so that the advertiser only has to share their objectives and our AI takes care of the rest. To do this, our system makes use of contextual signals from the 600 million active users that Taboola reaches every day – through more than 9,000 publishers – to generate predictable performance for the advertiser. A competitive advantage in the way of reaching customers that saves costs and time.

Specialists in language learning services

We hope that by 2024 half of our advertisers will have already adopted top industry data this solution,” he says. More than 1,000 advertisers already use this innovative solution. From Babbel , specialists in language learning services, they comment “the campaigns we carry out with Maximize Conversions are very successful. They consistently deliver outstanding results that allow us to get more out of our budgets while achieving impressive CPAs. In addition, it offers us the highest ROAS to date. “We are delighted to be working with Taboola.”

Valuable time we've saved optimizing our offers

For their part, those responsible for the precision optical BQB Directory instrument manufacturing company Leica Camera estimate that “we have seen a constant performance of our expenses and ‘costs per acquisition’ (CPA). But the real magic lies in the valuable time we’ve saved optimizing our offers. With this solution we open the horizons towards greater efficiency and productivity of our marketing efforts. Furthermore, from the travel firm Secret Scapes they point out: «our purpose is to get new clients within a specific CPA.

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