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Of course, you have to agree to let an algorithm manage ads. However, this advertising tool offering better conversions, not controlling everything the time of a campaign seems ultimately a lesser concession. More conversions With Performance Max, advertisements gain in attractiveness and their targeting is improvd. The traffic is therefore more qualifid and the targetd Internet users more willing to buy products and services. And their engagement being done on several platforms, this multiplies the possibilities. Similarly, the algorithm basd on a “machine learning” model, it learns and adapts to the objectives of a campaign.

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For example, he can decide to position himself on auctions where competition is high to reach Internet users who convert and spend more. It can also target consumers basd on their preferences and intentions. The goal is to increase Event Planner Email List conversions. More complete insights Performance Max provides advertisers with in-depth reports, which are invaluable tools for identifying the most engaging creatives and search trends. These reports also help to understand the behavior of the audiences and thus, to adapt the campaigns accordingly to improve their results and benefit from a better ROI.

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Enhancd visibility on the Google network Because Performance Max campaigns run across multiple Google channels, they get better visibility. This also applies to the advertiser (namely the brand, the company), which is an asset for BQB Directory obtaining new prospects and in particular Internet users that it would not have been possible to target with other campaigns. But also in the event of the launch of new products or services, or when a brand decides to invest in another market. Improvd campaign profitability Performance Max’s algorithm determines the best associations between ads and audiences, and the most relevant delivery channels, that deliver the best results.

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