How to permanently delete personal data from the Internet

Unfortunately, sometimes information about us appears published on the Internet that harms us, that damages our online reputation. This  How to  content can be negative reviews, fake news, slanderous comments, photographs  How to permanently  published without our consent… and that appear as a result when someone searches for our name and surname on Google. All of this published in order to seriously damage our public image. In this article we are going to explain what to do if this happens. It is worth keeping in mind that depending on the type of content published without our consent.

Position positive content above How to permanently

Of the EU of May  Google is obliged to delete from its search. Results that contain a user’s personal data. but this does not imply that it disappears from. The page where it is published. How can I exercise the right to be forgotten? All search engines include a request form to remove personal information that we want removed company data from search results. The answer is not always positive. If they consider that the information is information of interest, they will not delete it. For example, if you are a scammer and your clients have made it known, rest assured that Google will not remove it. If you want to access Google’s personal information removal request form,

What is Google's right to be forgotten

According to a ruling by the Court of Justice of the EU of May 13, 2014, Google is obliged to delete from its search results that contain a user’s personal data, but this does not imply that it disappears from the page where it is published. The other BQB Directory  hand, you request the retention of content, y filling out the form, they usually take a few days to respond, but they always do, in one way or another. How to delete personal information that appears on the Internet? If you have already tried to exercise your right to be forgotten and there has been no luck, do not despair. If you have reported it judicially and have not obtained a solution, do not despair.

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