Amazon’s ghost products so we can lower prices

Amazon’s ghost products so we can lower prices. At first it was a little worrying. In practically all of our top-seller listings we have observed that Amazon has entered as a seller, competing with us by selling the same product for at least 20% less than the next seller. Many times there were only 3 inventory products. When you clicked on the listing we almost always found ourselves in the Buy Box despite Amazon being at a much lower price.

What Amazon is looking

 What Amazon is looking for is that through its presence offering a much lower price than what was in the Buy Box, through automation tools the prices were email contact list  adapted to the minimum of each seller. We had an active automation uploaded with MarktMaat. When Amazon came in we lowered our price to the minimum to compete with the price they had. The fact that they almost never appear in the Buy Box is that when you try to buy the three units that Amazon shows you.

Amazon's intention is clear

Amazon’s intention is clear. They want to lower the prices of third-party sellers so that there are cheaper prices on their platform. For our tool this means that we have to develop functionality to ignore BQB Directory Amazon’s offer. In this way, phantom offers do not influence automation and sales continue at the best possible price. Let’s see if we can implement it.

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