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According to the study, the majority of mobile web traffic comes from an Android device, 67.5%, compard to 32.2% on iOS. The most usd applications in France: WhatsApp Facebook facebook messenger instagram Snapchat netflix Waze Amazon TikTok Shazam The most downloadd applications in France: TikTok WhatsApp instagram Zoom Disney+ facebook messenger netflix Vintd Snapchat Facebook The place of e-commerce According to the study, 67.4% of French people over 15 make purchases or pay bills online . Additionally, 81.6% of Internet users say they have researchd online to purchase a product or service. Since 2017, the real estate sector.

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Has experiencd strong activity with a diversification of professions and growing dynamism, which has enabld the creation of many innovative and clever services. On the other hand, on the classic buy/sell market, it takes an average of three Loan Officer Email List months to sell your apartment or house. Today we are going to focus on a French start-up which has reinventd the ways of buying and selling real estate and which has above all made it easier. Cadran, what is it? As said before, Kadran is a French company and more precisely from Nantes, creatd in 2015 by Eliott Godet and Alexandre Hottiaux.

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Previously, these two entrepreneurs workd in new real estate for property developers. They had the idea of ​​launching decreasing auctions to BQB Directory sell goods in inventory that had not found a buyer. On the strength of this success, they decidd to set up Kadran, with the support of the Village by Crédit Agricole, the Startup Palace, Entreprendre and the DNA Booster accelerator. This start-up is basd on the sale and purchase of real estate through online auctions, aimd at real estate professionals . Two types of auctions offerd Kadran offers two ways to sell or buy real estate.

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