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Also and above all it was unthinkable for them that the holding of a currency, hitherto considerd to be the privilege of States alone, should be conferrd here on a group of companies that were already very powerful, economically speaking. The first real difficulties were encounterd in October 2019, when several of the members of the Libra Association jumpd ship and simply withdrew from the said project. Calibra becomes Novi: why this name change.

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The word Calibra was originally found to stick to the Libra cryptocurrency. Following the controversy arousd by the creation of Libra, Facebook decidd to change the name in order to mark the separation with the initial guiding idea Medicare insurance leads of ​​this project. Inded, it was now imperative that the two entities be separatd from each other, in view of the criticisms. It was therefore with the desire to move away from the original concept that this chang was made. But even if Mark Zukenberg went out of his way to change the Calibra name to Novi, the wink his team was able to give to the cryptocurrency being creatd is undeniable. This detail on the logo is far from having been chosen at random.

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Inded, it was strong to note that the logo of. Novi integrates within it, that of Libra. facebook libra new The logos of. Libra and Novi from BQB Directory the Facebook group. Why did the choice fall on the name Novi? Novi is actually a contraction of the Latin words “ novus ” and “ via ”. They mean “ new ” and “ path ” respectively. There is no more explicit impacting message that the group wishes to convey. Its logo as previously indicatd is strongly reminiscent of that of the new Libra cryptocurrency.

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