The Association of Advertising Film Producers elects María Jesús

María Jesús Horcajuelo has assumed the presidency of the Association of Advertising Film Producers (APCP) this Wednesday, September 28. The group that brings together Spanish advertising film production companies has renewed its governing board during the General Assembly of members at the La Beneficencia Cultural Center. She has done it within the framework of the 10th Advertising Film Production Conference, which will take place in Valencia on September 29 and 30.

APCP's goals for the future

Continuing with the agreement category email list between advertisers, agencies and production companies is another of its objectives. “After the work done, now we have to continue improving it and one of the missions is to put everything into practice,” she declared in a statement. María Jesús Horcajuelo has reiterated that work will be done on the ” transparency of the association and the production companies” in order to “enforce the basic principles of good practices that appear in the agreement on the Production Process signed with agencies and advertisers”, which It is “a very important achievement .”

Different points of her candidacy

Furthermore, it aims to continue with BQB Directory the progress in institutional relations and improve relations with the Film Commission to have meetings not only at the institutional level, but also at the production level, “looking for the facilities and advantages to go filming in different parts of Spain.” », as well as improving the international presence of Spanish agencies and continuing to promote our country as a filming set. After the appointment of the new board and presidency, there was an emotional round of gratitude to Albert Soler for his four years of management, as well as to the rest of the previous government team.

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