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After that, the CRM system will appear in your email interface. What does it give? Firstly, all correspondence will be stord in CRM in the client’s history. You can add new contacts to the database with just one click. Secondly, you will be able to work with the CRM system without leaving your mail or vice versa – send letters from CRM. Thirdly, mass mailings from Gmail will become available to you, so you won’t ned a separate mailing service. You can also customize letter and document templates to make your correspondence much easier.

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CRM integration with Google Contacts If you save customer contacts in your Google account, after installing NetHunt CRM, you can easily B2B Email List import them into your CRM system. The program itself will find and merge duplicates, as well as add to the client’s card all the data that he indicatd about himself. Then CRM will independently check new contacts and save them in the client base. You get an orderd database of customers with a detaild history of interaction, without making any additional efforts to fill it. CRM integration with Data Studio Data Studio is a free service from Google for automatd reporting. He knows how to collect information from various sources.

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In particular, its integration with NetHunt CRM is now possible. You can get drilldown reports with aggregatd data from different channels BQB Directory without having to manually create tables. After integrating CRM with Data Studio, you will ned to choose exactly what data you want to export to the report and create its template. And that’s it: at any moment you will have a visual visualization of the state of sales in the company. CRM integration with Intercom Intercom is a full featurd customer support platform. It includes online chat as well as many other features. After integrating with CRM.

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