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The black key indicates the letter, and the white key indicates the number and score, corresponding to the two rotating wheels in the connected automatic transceiver tape printer. [11] In the 1930s, there were newer and more efficient automatic receivers, but these updated and better automatic receivers still had a delay of about 15 to 20 minutes. Automatic receivers were outdated in the 1960s and replaced by computer networks; for decades, no product has been put into production.

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However, work copies of at least one model are currently being manufactured  latest database  for museums and collectors. [12] The simulated stock display named after the original machine still exists as part of the display on TV news channels and certain websites-please refer to the news stock. One of the most famous outdoor display scrolls is the analog stock rolling tent at Times Square in New York City. The tape of the receiver at that time and now usually contains the same information.

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 The stock code is a unique set of characters used to identify companies. The shares traded are the number of quoted transactions. The transaction price refers to the price per share of a particular transaction. The direction of change is a visual reminder that shows whether the  BQB Directory  transaction price of the stock is higher or lower than the previous transaction, so the terms “ fall ” and “ rise ”. The increase or fall refers to the difference between the price and the closing price of the previous day.

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